Your partner in managing your Business Intelligence

Do you know what’s happening with every consumer interaction? Do you know where your data is stored? Do you have a method of collecting and analyzing?

Analysis Acumen teaches you and your team how to collect, aggregate, clean, transform and analyze all of your information (including sales, advertising, website, social, etc.). Or we can do the work for you on a monthly basis.


“Anyone who is thinking about working with Analysis Acumen, absolutely should! Analysis Acumen looked at our marketing from a much deeper point of view than what we have had in the past. We were provided with analytics and a robust strategic plan, and were able to attract new clients, be more proactive, versus reactive in our marketing approach, and be a much better place!”

— Insurance Agency


We uncover Actionable Insights from your existing data sets

We have over 20 years of analyzing several data streams for multiple brands and partner with several agencies to stay on top of the latest trends and platforms to help you efficiently collect, collate, and review your consumer touch points.

While we create beautiful scorecards and presentations, with rich insights from multiple different data sets, its the aggregation of the information, decisions, and next steps that will positively effect the future of your business.


Other Services

We also offer a variety of marketing solutions for your company, that are customized to your specific business need. Contact us below so we can help you move forward.


Do you have everything set up to ensure a successful advertising campaign? We ensure that your website, product line, marketing team, and several other areas are structured so that your advertising can return the greatest amount of sales.

better brand training

Marketing is ever changing; call on our University Professor to ensure they are trained on the latest methods to connect to your consumer, whether through packaging, e-commerce, customer service, or any other customer touch point.

centric consumer consulting

We serve as your strategic marketing arm and your Chief Marketing Officer.  Using the voice of your target customers and methods perfected with years of managing and launching large brands, we base our recommendations on what your shopper truly wants from your business.  

start somethings solutions

Do you have a great idea but are not sure how to start? We have launched over 15 brands and companies and help you successfully implement your business into a profitable enterprise. Our services run the gamut from creating business plans to setting up your enterprise on your behalf.